Aspire Dance Pro closely monitors state and local policies and guidelines to ensure we are up to date with current protocols and safety measures. We will continue to update our procedures as necessary based on current conditions. Our highest priorities are preserving the health and safety of our clients and staff members.

As we move closer to our competition dates, a full list of Aspire’s current Covid19 guidelines will be emailed to participants with the competition line up information.

If we are in the Yellow Phase at competition time, you can expect the following:

  • Studio teams performing during their own blocks of scheduled time
  • Small individual group awards in a separate designated area
  • Overall awards will be done virtually on LIVE social media
  • Limited spectators - 1 per dancer unless otherwise noted.
  • Limited time allowed in venue
  • Extra social distancing measures for participants and spectators
  • Controlled entry and exit from competition
  • Extra sanitation precautions and availability
  • No in-person concessions or sales - unless otherwise noted depending on venue. Online photo, video and merchandise sales will be available.
  • We encourage dancers to purchase the LiveStream. This allows friends and family to watch the competition virtually from anywhere, on any device. CLICK HERE for more info→.


Venue Entry and Exit

All competitors and spectators acknowledge the inherent risks of exposure to Covid-19, by virtue of attendance, and assume all responsibility for complying with Aspire’s safety protocols. It is important that everyone remains vigilant about hand washing, sanitizing, social distancing and other COVID-19 measures.

State government protocols for Covid mandate a limited number of people in each venue. Studios will be scheduled to compete in time blocks to ensure the safest environment. Competitors will be assigned specific entry times based upon performance times, which will be provided in the Aspire Schedule Confirmation Email. Limited spectator seating will be available in performance auditoriums. Competitors are asked to exit the venue immediately after receiving any performance awards.

Limited Spectators

Maximum spectator numbers in each venue will be limited based upon local mandates. The number of spectators allowed per competitor will be provided in the Aspire Schedule Confirmation Email. Spectators must comply with all COVID related guidelines. As always, Aspire Competitions are FREE to all spectators. Directors and studio coaches are always welcome, and do not count toward your total spectator numbers.

Venue Cleanliness

Aspire is committed to additional sanitation procedures during events. These include, but may not be limited to:

  • High traffic areas will be frequently cleaned throughout the event
  • Stage sweeping or dry mopping at various times during competition
  • Frequent sanitization of controlled entry, exit and other high use door handles
  • Scheduled cleaning and disinfection of bathroom faucets, tissue paper holders, and towel dispensers


COVID/Flu-Like Symptoms

Please do not attend the competition if you have developed COVID or flu-like symptoms. Aspire will provide a competition transfer or full credit to anyone with symptoms or possible COVID exposure; or a full refund to any competitor unable to attend due to COVID-19 diagnosis with a doctor’s note. If you are unsure about whether to attend due to possible symptoms or exposure, we recommend you contact your health care provider.

Face Coverings/Masks

Face masks will be required for entry to all Aspire events in accordance with state and local mandates at the time of the competition. All Aspire staff will be wearing masks at all times. Face coverings/masks are optional for dancers during the performance unless mandated by the venue. If masks are required at your competition, we will notify you with the line-up information prior to the competition. No score deductions will be assessed for costumes which include face masks, gloves or other personal protective equipment.

Hand Washing/Hand Sanitizing

All competitors and spectators should wash/sanitize their hands multiple times during their competition block time. Aspire will provide touchless hand sanitizing stations. Paricipants are encouranged to carry their own bottle of hand sanitizer. The CDC recommends this as one of the best practices to avoid transmission of the virus.

Water Fountains

Water fountains will be disabled in each venue. We ask that attendees bring personal or disposable water bottles to the competition, and take them with you upon exiting.