Competition Schedule

The preliminary competition schedule will be emailed to all soloists and studio directors 2 weeks prior to each competition. The final competition schedule will be emailed 10 days prior to the competition. Solists and directors can log into their account to view their specific performance times.

Dressing Rooms

Dressing room information will be provided to competitors, parents and Studio Directors during check in at each competition. Dressing areas at each venue are clearly marked for competitor and studio convenience.


We encourage all dancers to be considerate at all times. This includes in the dressing room, backstage, on stage, and in the audience. While backstage, we ask that all entrance and exit areas be kept clear, and that respect is shown for performers and audience members by remaining quiet during all performances.


For Spectators At All Competitions

Please invite your friends and family to come and enjoy watching the competition.
We permit photography and videography for personal use.
Selling or using images, photography or videography from any Aspire Dance Pro competition for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Concessions and Merchandise


Programs with the full competition schedule and additional information are available for purchase at each competition for $6. Check inside your program for money saving coupons for Aspire food, merchandise and local area merchants.

Energy Station

Be sure to check out the Aspire Energy Station, where reasonably priced food and snacks are available for your convenience. We stock the Aspire Energy Station with a good selection of healthy foods like whole fruits, juices and ice cold water in addition to a wide variety of treats.

Aspire Dance Essentials

Exclusive Aspire dance gear like T-shirts, Warm Up Suits, dance bags and other merchandise are available for purchase at all competitions.

Competition Photos

Photos taken by our professional Aspire Photographers are available for purchase. Purchase all the photos for a single dancer's routine(s) for one day for only $45 or both days for $60. Photos are purchased at the competition and mailed to you on a photo CD.

Directors: Photos of all your studio's routines are available for purchase. Please call for pricing.

FREE Video Downloads - With Judge's Commentary

Video download with judge's commentary of your routines are available online after the competition. To view video, please log into your account and select Download Videos. These video critiques are a vital tool for performers and teachers in preparing for future performances and competitions.